Which type of RO water purifier is the best? Which brand should I buy?

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RO water purifier is becoming more and more familiar with many people because of its ability to remove dirt, heavy metals, bacteria ... in daily drinking water that the naked eye cannot see. Currently, there are quite a number of RO water purifier brands on the market that make buyers fret. In your opinion, which one is the best?

1. What do you know about RO water purifier?
2. Use of RO water purifier
3. Which RO water filter is good?
4. Criteria for buying RO water purifier

Number of filter cores
Water tank capacity, filtration capacity in 1 hour
Special features included
Choose a water filter for the family

1What do you know about RO water purifier?
Heard a lot about the benefits of RO water purifier, you understand what it is like?

To meet the needs of clean drinking - not mixed with many impurities and other harmful bacteria for health, while adding some beneficial minerals, RO water purifier (short for: Reverse Osmosis - osmosis reverse) is marketed.

ro water purifier benefits

The RO water purifier has its own microfiber pore size (0.0001 micro meters ~ 1/10000 hairs), which will remove most heavy metal ions, harmful bacteria and impurities. other substance. This makes it possible to drink the filtered water directly without having to boil it.

ro filter for water purifiers

2 Uses of RO water purifier
The RO water purifier offers a number of great benefits:

Creates clean water.
Adding beneficial minerals: RO filters, regardless of type, are equipped with additional functional cores to supplement beneficial minerals, so drinking water is both clean and healthy.
Health protection, disease prevention: Prevent diseases arising from polluted water sources such as helminths, dysentery, typhoid, etc.
Cost savings: The cost of buying mineral water bottles per month, may not be equal to the direct investment in RO water purifier in the house. Because you take advantage of the water in the house to filter out clean water - for most activities such as eating, bathing, ...
For a better view, you should read more analysis: Buy water purifiers or buy mineral water would be more economical?

3What kind of RO water filter is good?
Is it hard to judge whether a manufacturer is good or not? because each firm has its own characteristics and strengths. Depending on the conditions of each family, as well as the actual situation of the water source being used, you can choose the most suitable "parking".

GREEN Electronics will give you some objective views to make it easier to make a decision! Here are the salient features of familiar RO water purifier brands:

RO Sunhouse water purifier
Sunhouse is a Vietnamese water purifier brand that has a joint venture with South Korea.
Core replacement cost is the cheapest compared to other companies that are selling at GREEN Electronics (about VND 1.5 million / year). In addition, the filter also has a genuine warranty of up to 5 years at GREEN Electronics.
There are a variety of additional mineral filter elements. For example, this device has up to 10 filters.
There is a water heater - cold, to meet the needs of current customers.

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