Mark Ronson

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Mark Ronson hits out at black newspaper The Voice over sympathetic interview with Wiley. The Voice published an interview with the grime artist, titled 'Systemic oppression and Wiley', in which the author questioned 'But within his ranting were there any salient points?'. Studies suggest NASA's Mars 2020 mission landing site could hold signs of ancient life. NASA Mars 2020 mission Is Demi Lovato up for a Grammy What benefits does the president receive set to explore the Jezero crater, which scientists have now determined is littered with hydrated silica and carbonates - two elements that could hold signs of microbial life. Why College Students May Qualify for Special Covid Pandemic Aid. While traditional unemployment insurance usually leaves out students, they may be eligible for federal pandemic aid. But some states dont make it easy to get. 'The Weight of Gold' sees Olympians open up about post-Games depression. "The Weight of Gold" was intended to coincide with the Olympics, which adds another somber note to this soul-searching documentary. The postponement of the Games, however, does nothing to blunt the sobering impact of the depression that elite athletes can experience once the fanfare ends, after devoting their lives to the often-fleeting pursuit of glory. Ashleigh Barty Will Skip U.S. Open. The No. 1 womens singles player opted out of the Grand Slam tournament over concerns about traveling to New York amid the pandemic. Poll Almost half of Brits have no idea How do I get Phantom of the Opera tickets Does US Bank send texts to get access to a coronavirus test. Almost half of Britons do not know how to access a Government coronavirus test, according to a new poll. Ellen DeGeneres Apologizes to Staff Members as WarnerMedia Investigates Show. The longtime host acknowledged that her talk shows workplace was not a place of happiness and vowed to take a more hands-on role. Bubbles Are Working. But How Long Can Sports Stay Inside? The restricted, campuslike environments used by soccer and pro basketball have proved (mostly) impervious to the coronavirus. But not every league fits inside one.

Why NASA Picked Jezero Crater for the Perseverance Rover. Jezero crater, the destination of the Perseverance rover, Is Kenya Barris married to Rashida Jones What year did Bill Withers pass away a promising place to look for evidence of extinct Martian life. Padstow in Cornwall is the No.1 place that Britons plan to visit for the very first time this summer. In a poll of UK adults, two-thirds say they are planning a British staycation with four in 10 (38 per cent) wanting to visit famous parts of the country they have never seen before. Ghislaine Maxwell had sex with 15-year-old girls, court docs claim. Ghislaine Maxwell participated in orgies involving girls as young as 15 on Jeffrey Epstein's Caribbean island, Virginia Roberts told investigators in newly-unsealed court documents. Your Coronavirus Antibodies Are Disappearing. Should You Care? Declining antibody levels do not mean less immunity, experts say. Besides, two widely used tests may detect the wrong antibodies. Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala model new Juventus home kit for 2020-2121 season. While the club's traditional black and white style remains, the new jersey features a v-neck, while the club badge, Adidas logo and club sponsor are stitched in gold, in a new-look style for next season. As $600 Unemployment Benefit Expires, Many Are in Jeopardy. A supplement to unemployment benefits Where is US bank based Is Texas part of the south or west at an end, and Congress is deadlocked over new aid. For some, that means hunger, evictions or bankruptcies. Florida woman charged for attacking husband after finding him cheating. Florida woman Nicole Denison, 29, was arrested Wednesday for attacking her husband last week after finding him cheating with another woman. Hong Kong could be unprepared for its third coronavirus wave. Hong Kong has introduced its strictest social distancing measures so far in an effort to stop fears of a third wave of coronavirus. Hospital staff tell CNN's Will Ripley they are already close to capacity and won't be able to cope with a major outbreak.

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