Personalized Calling Cards, Gift Enclosures & Name Cards

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Reliance Global Call fulfills all your communication needs seamlessly - audio and video calling, texting and more. This Consumer Reports prepaid calling card guidesays, for instance that if you’re purchasing a card to make just one or two long calls, you’ll want to look for the lowest per-minute rates.

If you are new to calling cards or are not sure if cards with hidden charges will work good for your destination we recommend you to choose a phone card, which is recommended for multiple calls. "Since 1999, our calling cards have helped over 1 million people save on international phone calls." Talk is cheap with calling cards and phone cards to Mexico. On our site we've collected the cheapest calling cards. Your conversations won't be big-budget and you will discuss whatever you want with no hurry.

Also look for cards that have a 24-hour, toll-free customer service number in case there's a problem. We were surprised that some of the fees that we expected didn't materialize. While we didn't get the full 640 minutes available for the first call, we were able to make eight phone calls to Mexico City, for a total of 36 minutes, before the card balance was exhausted.

Some cards start the clock on expiration from their activation date at the store. Also, card issuers can and do go out of business, leaving worthless cards behind. Cards with local access numbers generally have lower rates than cards with toll-free numbers

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