10 things to tweak when setting up a new MacBook

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After Mojave finishes downloading, just follow the prompts of the installation wizard to install it. When it comes time for future updates to Mojave, however, you'll find that Mojave has moved system updates from the App Store to a new location.

I realize that some people will think these plush and rich-looking. For me, the beige and gold and another color combination on the Beats site -- a 1960s sofa-green and gold shown on the Beats site -- come across as trying-too-hard-to-be-chi-chi for a brand that was built on a more street-cred image.

After Mojave finishes downloading, just follow the prompts of the installation wizard to install it. When it comes time for future updates to Mojave, however, you'll find that Mojave has moved system updates from the App Store to a new location.

"No matter what you're going through, when you put on a song that you love, and that you just connect with, it can change your whole mood and just lift you up. Even if it's just for a few minutes...I love that escape music gives us," she says.

Now playing: Watch this: Apple MacOS Mojave is here, but we're still waiting for... 2:08 Mojave dark mode
Apple introduced some semblance of a dark mode with OS X Yosemite, but it turned only the menu bar and the Dock dark. Mojave does dark mode right. On most of Apple's own apps, it turns the background black and text white. The Photos app and iTunes, in particular, look great in dark mode -- the colors of your photos and album art really pop against the black background.

In the UAE, we were picked up in the Banyan Tree 4WD for the journey through the dunes to the resort. The moment that you arrive at the hotel, you're handed cold towels scented with lemon grass and immediately you relax.

Please forgive me if I sound unkind. I fear, though, that I haven't forgiven the Jenner clan since Kylie's sister Kendall promised to solve the world's problems by handing a can of Pepsi to a policeman. 

To reduce weight, Jeep fits this Wrangler with a carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber fender flares and a carbon fiber rear tub with aluminum panels. Better aerodynamics are achieved thanks to a raked windshield and a heavily raked rear cage. Inside, the rear seats have been removed for even more weight savings, and the foot wells have been removed in favor of aluminum panels.

id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> Apple At WWDC 2018, Apple took the name for its Mac operating system down from Northern California's majestic mountains and moved southward to the Golden State's famed desert. After a run of mountain themes -- Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra and High Sierra -- Apple has named the next version of MacOS (version 10.14) after California's Mojave Desert. 

"Messages for us are end-to-end encrypted," Cook told NPR. "Apple doesn't know what you're saying, we don't have a record of it, we don't store it. We don't have a key to it, right? The key is with the sender and the receiver."

We took on computers before virtually anyone else. It was our only link to the outside world." Andy Sheils Now, thanks to Australia's new National Broadband Network (NBN), three quarters of the town are set to be connected to a mix of copper and fiber-optic cable to bring fixed-line broadband to people's homes by next January.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET Dark mode's impact is felt less in Safari. In Apple's browser, the title bar at the top turns black but web pages are displayed in the same manner as they are in regular, light mode. All that whiteness and brightness can be jarring against the dark elements of dark mode.

Apple Gallery view for Finder
Cover Flow is out. Gallery is in. Finder replaces the Cover Flow view with the new Gallery view. Like Cover Flow, it shows a large thumbnail preview of a file and lets you scroll through smaller thumbnails along the bottom. Unlike Cover Flow, it provides tools to do more than just look at previews of your files. The new Gallery view is particularly useful for browsing photos in Finder because the preview pane shows a file's metadata and offers customizable quick actions that let you, say, rotate a photo without needing to import it to the Photos app, create a PDF, or add a watermark. Read more of what's new in Finder here.

Do people traditionally put on headphones when they're in the jungle? I rather thought they listened out for, say, animals. And when you're in the desert, aren't you desperately listening out for, you know, another human being? Or even a camel with lots of water?

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET Markup tools in more places
Mojave adds Markup tools to Finder, Quick Look and screenshots, making it easier to sign a PDF or annotate a photo or screenshot. I'm using Preview with less frequency with Mojave because I can quickly annotate screenshots in Finder itself.

We have internet when the generator's on." Sam Nagy After reading the in-flight safety card (the fact that our plane was fitted with a "survival kit" was ominous), I spent much of the flight mentally positioning a pith helmet and safari suit on the refined elderly gentleman next to me.

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