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The speed listed for a CPU (Core Speed) is discovered by taking a base Bus pace, multiplying it by the CPU’s data rate to get the Rated Bus (this may be called Front Side Bus for Core 2, HTT for AMD, etc.), and multiplying that by the CPU’s multiplier. An unlocked multiplier permits for extra flexibility when overclocking, but you pay a premium, a pricey one on the Intel aspect particularly. Overclocking, at the very least whereas maintaining stock voltages (extra on that later), is not really about pushing the envelope, but discovering the chip’s precise potential. You enter the BIOS by pushing a key (normally Del, F1, or Esc) in the course of the splash screen (the one which has the brand of Pc or motherboard you own) of the boot up process. Depending on how your CPU makes use of reminiscence (the reminiscence controller might be on the motherboard like in Core 2 or on the CPU like in Phenom or Core i7) and your BIOS choices, overclocking a CPU may push the reminiscence too hard. Some motherboard manufacturers embrace software that means that you can overclock your laptop from inside your working system, but it is historically achieved by way of the BIOS.

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